We Love Local Businesses

Our Mission

Connect local-focused customers with local producers and businesses across the province to better our provinces economy


By connecting local business owners and customers, we’re able to create a seamless shopping experience for customers to support local. Our dream is that we assist all Saskatchewan local businesses to develop a rock-solid e-commerce strategy for their new and existing customers.
When we implemented Shop Local Sask we wanted to address the issues that make local shopping difficult or time-consuming. Shopping locally usually means going to store to store to discover products but it’s not possible to explore local products outside of your local area.
By connecting local Saskatchewan vendors to customers across the province we can immediately increase their sellable market and discovery of products.
There’s no doubt Saskatchewan’s economy is falling victim to the Pandemic facing this province. We need to quickly jump into action to support our local business owners, producers, and entrepreneurs.
Together, we can ensure Saskatchewan’s economy flourishes.

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