How One Apple Can Start a Local Movement!

Shop Local Sask An Apple a day will keep vendors coming this way

Shopping Local Starts With One Apple

As humans, we tend to always think about ourselves first, we need to tend to our needs and look for things that benefit us, whether it is shopping sales, buying the cheapest groceries, or saving coupons so that our store bills are a little smaller and we can buy something else. That is not a bad mindset, but what if for just a second we put other people before ourselves? Will the world flip upside down? I don’t think so, but it sure can make someone else’s day a little better. I believe someone famous once said, “A tsunami starts with a small wave”. The smallest impact that we make in our communities can have huge consequences and it can start by buying an apple from the local market. Shopping local is something that is not mainstream in most Canadian cities, but can you imagine the impact if it was? There are countries out there like Ukraine, that focus on bringing the cities together by having local markets every day! It drives the community to interact and help each other, it makes shopping locally not just a task that people have to do, but something people want to do, because they come together, support each other, and drive the local economy also together!

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What If We Don’t Have Local Markets Every Day?

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Now, one might say, “We don’t have local markets every day”, and that’s also okay! Supporting local is more than just buying local vendors products, its more than having a sticker that says, ‘I support local’, supporting local can be just starting a conversation with a neighbor or a co-worker about something cool that you saw at the local market and talking about it. Supporting local can be following a local vendor on social media and saying, ‘Hey I appreciate what you do in our community’ and that can start a movement. To you, it’s not a big deal, but the impact you are making is huge! Now that same local vendor has a reason to get up in the morning, harvest the vegetables and drive to the city to sell them, and all because of something small that you have done! Overall, it’s okay to shop sales and collect coupons for the grocery store, but the next time you are at the market remember one thing, buying an apple for your way, will keep the local vendors come more this way!

Now What Are Some Quick Ways to Support Local?

1) Find a vendor that sells the same groceries that you buy at the store, but are more fresh and organic.

2) Look up some Vendors on Social Medias and see if there are any products you want!

3) Look into more local gifts for your loved ones.

4) Open your heart to local products

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