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Shopping local is good for local businesses

Shop Local Sask was built to have all the features a Local Small Business would need to run their online store. The issue with most online store builders is that it’s either too expensive and can be hard to start getting sales after everything is setup. As if setting up a website and getting everything customized wasn’t hard enough, you still need to figure out how to get customers to find you and also purchase your products. This is where Shop Local Sask really shines.

You can get set up, start selling your products without any technical knowledge, or even spending a dollar.

So, what does it take to get started?

1. Fill out your information and signup

Signing up for Shop Local Sask as a Vendor is simple and you just need to fill out a registration form. This request gets sent to our onboarding team who will reach out with tips and tricks while setting up your store.

2. Setup your store and upload your products

All you will need to do is fill out all your store information(Hours of Operations, Business Name, Address, Etc.) and you can start adding your products. If you have a lot of products you can send us your product list and we will import your products for you! If you have any questions while you are setting up your store, we’re here to help!

3. Start Selling

After your store is fully set up and all your store details are filled out, it’s time that your products hit the marketplace and are shopped by customers across Saskatchewan. That’s it. It’s that simple!

Who’s this for?

We dream of helping every local small business, producer, and entrepreneur get online and accessible to customers across Saskatchewan. When we looked at how people shopped local we wanted to address all the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs giving all their passion and efforts into their local products. We’ve found that a key local shopping issue that only affects small businesses is digital presence. Large eCommerce companies and chain corporations have large budgets and resources to get their products in the faces of customers regardless of geographical location. Shop Local Sask brings digital marketing solutions that will drive traffic to a central marketplace where local Saskatchewan small businesses have listed their products.

Local Producers

Local Producers would include anyone that makes their own products in our incredible province of Saskatchewan. From bakers to woodworkers, clothing companies to meal subscription services, if you have the passion to create, make and develop your own Sask products then you are the perfect fit! Local producers have incredibly unique products but it can be hard to find them even if they are just around the corner.

Small Businesses

If you’ve ventured out to start your own Saskatchewan business that resells, produces or makes products then it seems like you’re a Local Business searching for. Developing a better local commerce experience isn’t limited to makers of their own products but passionate entrepreneurs that resell products. We won’t accept any chain stores, or franchise locations. We want to create an incredible ecosystem of local small businesses to shop from and keep our money within our province.

Local Entrepreneurs

Some people are just too awesome to fit into a category. If that sounds like you and you sell a product then reach out and let’s get your product live! We can’t wait to see the way people use Shop Local Sask to connect their product with customers in their local area and also across the province.

Features of Shop Local Sask for Small Businesses

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