What is “Shopping Local”

What Is Shopping Local

There Are Two Types Of Shopping local, But Only One Makes A Big Difference

The first way of shopping local has the real definition of ‘local’. Shopping locally encompasses buying locally grown ingredients or products that are being grown and or produced in your area. By shopping local, you as a customer know that you are providing value to your local economy by supporting it and allowing it to keep operating year after year, no matter what the purchase is. By shopping locally from the local market, you are also creating a relationship, you would not have with a store chain. As buying local products here at the honey stand you see the hard work of the CEO, manager, service representative, marketer, and accountant, but all of these are one person who greets you with a smile and says, “How can I help?”.

Shopping local is an amazing opportunity to give back to your community that does not involve charity work or donations it involves coming out to the market, walking by an even with out buying anything, but appreciating the work that has been put in to create the wonderful experience of shopping local!

Now here is another view of shopping local. This is shopping within your area, this includes large corporation stores like Superstore, Walmart, Costco, and many more. The difference is, you are supporting companies with millions of dollars in the pocket who focus on supplying the demand to consumers as fast as they can and as cheap as they can. Of course one could say it’s a lot easier to go to big corporate stores but think about what is better? is supporting Superstore more important than the local vendors who spend countless hours getting everything ready, delivering it, selling it in the cold, and then making their way back to repeat the same process tomorrow? It’s not better, it’s definitely cheaper, but at the end of the day, that same vendor will try as best as he can to sponsor your local soccer team that our children are a part of, rather than Superstore.

The point here is not to turn consumers from shopping at retail big block stores, the point is to understand the process behind doing it and how it helps the local economy, and yourself in the end. Overall, it’s important to understand what is the real shopping local, and starting a conversation around it.

What are some local businesses in Regina, Saskatchewan?


Nadia Williamson, owner and creator of NWL began her career in fashion working in the costume department of the film industry, where she had the opportunity to travel across Saskatchewan. Over the years her passions evolved and her journey began within the bridal industry. Established in December 2005, NWL has been fitting graduates, brides, bridesmaids, and Mother-of-the-Brides for almost 13 years! Nadia recently opened a second location in the United States, located in Los Angeles, California called NWLA.

At NWL, Management and staff are both dedicated to creating a welcoming, intimate and knowledgeable shopping experience. “We want every person who walks through our door to feel special and beautiful. We offer a wide selection of gowns for special occasions, including graduation, and bridal.” The store is open Sunday through Saturday and offers both walk-ins and/or appointments. 


ZÖE Downtown has been owned and operated by Lynn Armstrong for the past 3 years. Lynn’s passion for well made designer shoes, clothing and jewelry drives her business as she continues to grow and expand her designer selection and collections from around the world.

ZÖE – meaning life; is a true representation of the collections and style of the unisex, boutique style experience. The service level and store layout is designed to be both unique and inviting, as you flow through the array of designer shoes, clothing and jewelry. “We designed the space to not only showcase the beauty of each piece, but also the art that went into creating it!”

So What are some reasons Not to Shop locally?

Can you give me some reasons not to shop local? I don’t think so

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